How to Clean Your Windows Properly

We all sweep our floors, clean the bathtub, wipe down the sink, dust, vacuum and mow the lawn.  We keep our homes and gardens looking gorgeous but the one thing we often overlook, or keep putting off, is to clean our windows.

clean your windows

Cleaning windows does not have to be a momentous task.  The trick is to clean windows fairly regularly. If you are in a huge house with several upstairs windows, twice a year is fine.  If you are in a small house and the windows are easily accessible, try and clean your windows once a month.

Clean windows add such sparkle to a house and can really transform the way your home feels and looks.

So how do you clean your windows properly? Well, for a start you do need the right equipment.

Here’s a checklist for you:

Here’s How to Clean Your Windows Properly

Follow the steps below to learn how to wash your windows and make them squeaky clean.

Dust and Clear the Cobwebs

The first thing to do when cleaning your windows properly is to remove all the dust.  This is when you use your feather duster and get rid of all the cobwebs.  You will be surprised at how much accumulates so quickly.

By the way, do this regularly, even if you don’t wash your windows regularly.  Dust the corners once a week, more if you can.  If there is a lot of dust, use a small brush and dustpan, especially for the corner.

Use Your Bucket

Fill your bucket with warm soapy window. Try not to make the mixture too soapy. Then, start washing your windows with  the sponge.  Wash gently and remember you do not need to use too much water.

Arm Yourself with Your Squeegee

You’ve dusted, you’ve washed and now you’re going to Squeegee.  Start at the top of the window and work down, almost like an S but in the reverse.  When the Squeegee roller gets a little dirty, use the old rag to clean it.


Now you’re going to take your microfiber cloth and remove any extra water still on the windows.  And then if there is any water that has dripped into the window frame, use your cloth to dry it.

You have fabulous clean and sparkly windows.  You will find they really make a difference to your home so keep them clean and try and do it on a regular basis.

And if you live in a two story home, or a mansion or palace, call in the professionals!  Cleaning windows perfectly can be hard work and it can be back-breaking work.

Cleaning windows is a good work out though so if you’re fit and healthy, clean your own windows.  Your house will look marvelous and so will you!